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Opening Pokedex...

Hello, there! The name's Raiyna,

and it's my lifelong dream to

become a Pokémon Master! I

appreciate you taking an interest

in that dream, and I welcome you

to stay for as long as you like.

If you have any questions, please

feel free to send them my way!

Thanks for stopping by! ♥

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so I think the Sapphire Nuzlocke has proved a lot about my integrity output vs. how biased I am.

Whenever I can’t make my own team, I don’t want to follow through with anything. I mean, I like the pokemon that I have, but they’re not….my favorites. Not all of them at least. And so because of that, I don’t think I’m taking this as seriously as I want to. I’ve been cheating a little here and there to just try and make the best team that I can with the rules that I can.

Although, it would probably help if the battle system was worked out in Sapphire, which it wasn’t until Emerald, but I could still work around that, provided favorite pokemon.

All in all, I’m going to try and finish this Nuzlocke the way it’s been meant to be played, and if I do end up losing in the long run, I’ll know how to play the next one more efficiently.

Aaaaand, I’ve finally finished the versus screens!! I wish I had finished these beforehand, but what can ya do. 

These will be used in future entries, and I’ve decided on using just one Pokémon per Gym battle. 

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Day 002 - My First Gym Badge

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After a nice, long rest in the Rustboro City Pokémon Center, my team and I woke up bright and early to start a new day full of training. The Center provided us with lots of useful information and urged us to visit a few places before taking on the Gym Leader, Roxanne. 

Our first stop was to backtrack to the Flower Shop down in Route 104, near the north entrance to Petalburg Woods. I missed visiting this place earlier because my Pokémon were exhausted from the tough battles inside the woods. I’m glad I did go back, however, because the ladies there were nice and gifted us with berries and a watering can, so that we could grow our own. 

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So I know there are a lot of others doing these types of things,

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but seeing as very few actually do as they say they will, I’m going to do one of my own.

For every person that reblogs this, I will message you with a Pokemon egg.


Within a week, I will message you again telling you what Pokemon has hatched from the egg! Maybe I’ll even try to type them based upon your blog. Who knows?


You must have your submit box open, or you will not get your egg!

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Day 001 - The Journey Begins

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Today I started my journey as a Pokémon Trainer. Mom wasn’t too happy about seeing me leave, but I was simply itching to get out there and see the world - just like dad. We moved here, to the Hoenn region, so that he could take up shop in an old gym, doing what he always dreamed of. Now, it’s my dream to some day battle him and, even further, challenge the Pokémon League.


My name is Raiyna, though you probably already know that. I just moved here to Littleroot Town from the Johto region. My dad is good friends with the professor of this region, Prof. Birch, and thought it would be a good place for me to start my journey. Everything here will be exciting and new to me, so I can’t wait to jump right in!


Alright, here we go!! I played for a bit this evening - enough to get me started. I’m still deciding on what I want to do for these journal entry posts, so for now I’ll just feature this lone sprite with a bit of an intro.

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Pokemon Sapphire - Nuzlocke Rules

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Here are the list of rules I’ll be using in my Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon Sapphire:

  • Any Pokemon that faints is to be considered dead and either released or placed in a PC box permanently.
  • The first Pokemon encountered in any new area is the Pokemon you must capture. If the Pokemon faints or runs, there are no second chances and you do not get a new Pokemon for that area. Should you run into a Pokemon you already have on your team, the second unique Pokemon must be your next choice. At any given time, where permissible, you must be holding six Pokemon in your party.
  • You must nickname your Pokemon.
  • Traded Pokemon, or Pokemon received through Mystery Gift are not allowed. However, Pokemon given as a gift through an NPC in-game are allowed.
  • You are not allowed to reset a save if things don’t go your way. You must continue through the entire game, dealing with any and all consequences.
  • A black out/white out is considered Game Over. You must then restart the game completely if this is to happen.
  • At the start of the game, the first wild Pokemon you encounter as part of an event (Zigzagoon, Poochyena, etc) will not count as the first Pokemon of an area you are required to catch. Likewise, if you black out/white out during your first trainer battle with your rival, as you will not have access to Pokeballs, this does not count as a Game Over and you do not have to release your starter Pokemon.
  • Use the same amount of Pokemon as a Gym Leader or Rival in battle. If you are holding more Pokemon than the other in your party, that number of Pokemon who faint during battle will count as a Game Over and you must restart.
  • You must change the battle style to “set,” meaning you can’t switch out during a battle.
  • You may use the Pokemon Center as often as you like, but you cannot buy any items from the Mart. You may only use Items you find on the ground.
  • You may not use held items.
  • You may only use your Master Ball on the event-based legendary (Groudon or Kyogre).
  • You may not use legendaries, though you are allowed to capture them.
  • In the case of Shiny Pokemon, all rules are nullified. Go fuckin nuts, man, catch that shiny.
  • In the instance of field moves, a single Pokemon may be used as an HM slave (or two, due to Dive being almost always restricted to water types), but must be otherwise permanently boxed.
  • In the Safari Zone, the rule for catching applies to each “area,” as in Ruby/Sapphire, there are distinctly different areas of the Zone with distinctly different Pokemon.
  • You may not flee any battles.
  • A level limit must be placed on every Pokemon, where the cap is the highest level of the current Gym Leader or of the Pokemon Champion. Any Pokemon who exceed that level must sit out for those specific battles.

A New Adventure Awaits!!

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Hello, all! Raiyna here with my newest project - Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge. I’ve attempted doing a Nuzlocke in the past and either given up halfway through or forgotten about it, but this time I really want something to keep my mind going this year. 

What’s this blog for, you ask? Not only is it just for keeping a diary of my current challenge, but it’s also where I hope to catalogue all of my Pokemon-related experiences. Be it continuing my journey in Y (because let’s face it, I won’t be restarting that game any time soon what with PokeBank), drawing snippets from my Nuzlocke adventure, or just holding discussions about the games or series, it’ll all be posted here. 

But, Nuzlocke Challenges are SO last year. Why should I pay attention to yours? While my adventure won’t necessarily be any different from any other Nuzlocke challenge you’ve seen your friends or favorite artists attempt, I do want to differentiate mine a little bit by including my friends in the challenge. I’ll be doing a test run with my friend Cara, wherein the two of us will play Pokemon Ruby (Cara) and Sapphire (myself) and we’ll document our adventures as if we were traveling together in the Pokemon world. Depending on how successful this is will determine how comfortable I’ll feel about adding two or more other people into a single, separate Nuzlocke Challenge.

So, what will your Double Challenge feature? At the moment, it’s more or less a play-it-by-ear. If either of us feel like drawing mini comics or pictures based on our adventure, then we’re welcome to! But it isn’t something that’s required of the challenge. Mainly, I just want the two of us to enjoy ourselves, so if we come up with a story along the way, then so be it!

All right, well, I’m ready to start following along in your adventure! Thanks so much for your support, friend! For the rest of the evening, I’ll be sorting out some kinks (like my blog theme, for one) and I will start the exciting new journey in Pokemon Sapphire first thing tomorrow morning. Again, thanks for giving this a look, and I hope to see you all in the amazing world of Pokemon!!